Since the founding of the Low Voltage Lighting industry in 1959, All of Nightscapings products have been skillfully handcrafted and assembled at our facility in Redlands, CA.

Our Products are categorized by the following functions:

Pathlighting Downlighting Uplighting Backlighting
Specialty Lighting Underwater Lighting Powercenters LEDs


Below is an Alphabetical Listing of our products:

Acrobat WM-0204
Apprentice AU-6502
Arealiter GA-3208
Artisan WM-0404
Audition AW-7502
BC-Liter GD-0303
Borderlites BL-2012
BreTan WM-0217
Brickliter WM-0802
Brute-Liter II BU-0805
Celebrity AU-0603
Chaperone AU-0803
Charmer AD-1803
Claireliter UD-0805
Commonwealth-Savoy GD-4211
Concentrator GU-0602
Constitution WM-0203
CornerGard CM-0601
Coverliter GU-0404
Deckliter TD-0402
Deliter GD-2404
Dial-a-Lite WM-0604
Director GD-2510
Dolphin GU-0305
Dualiter UD-0702
El Camino EL-3000
EnvelopeLiter SA-0601
Escort AD-0603
Exceliter GU-0211
Flipper UW-0304
Footliter GD-1409
Guardian AW-0403
Halo GD-1802
Half-Moon WM-0501, WM-0702, WM-0903
Hemiliter WD-0402
Hiliter GU-1109
Illuminator GD-2612
Infinity-Liter AD-1309
Integraliter GD-0402
Jayliter GU-1901
Jem-Liter II WM-0207
La Paloma-Liter AP-3540
Leafliter GD-3205, GD-3306, GD-3407
Leveliter II BU-0501
Lipinskiliter DB-0507
Magnaliter GU-1265
Masonliter WM-0878CU
Masonliter-Jr WM-0777
Masonliter-Micro WM-0555
Masterliter MR-0508
MaxiLiter WM-0509
MaxiSpotter WM-0502
Michelleliter GD-3207
Mini-BreTan WM-0212
Micro-Borderlites MB-7306
Mini-borderlites NT-2512
Mini-Scout GD-1503
MiniStylist AW-0303
Mini-Washliter GU-4457
Monetliter BM-0508
Munro-Liter GD-1703
Navigator GD-0905
Nicheliter WM-0503
O’Keefeliter BM-2961
Palmer-Lite GD-3006
Portobello GD-0515, GD-0715, GD-0915
Postliter WM-3535
Powerliter GU-1305
Powerliter II GU-9516
Quadliter GD-1606
Railiter RD-0302
Rose-Bud GD-3415
Roseliter GD-4919
Rose Stem GD-3815
Sabre UD-0501
Sagitta RD-0202
Sagitta-Catalina GD-4015
Savana GD-2004CU
Scott-Liter GU-1507
Scout GD-1504
Seegarliter GD-7520
Sentryliter GD-1810
Soffitliter RD-0404
Softliter GU-0403
Sparkler GS-1102, GS-1402, GS-1702
Spectator TD-0412
Starliter TD-0302, TD-0702, TD-1002, TD-1302
Starliter Oasisliter TD-4710
Stylist AW-0603
Sunliter TD-0502
Tikiliter GD-5508
Tortoise GH-0412
Tuffliter BU-0406
Tuliter UD-0405
Turtle GH-0406
Twinkler TS-0302
Vermeerliter BM-4552
Versaliter I GU-0965
Versaliter II GU-1565
Walliter GU-0508
Wrightliter BM-2835, BM-2840



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