A Hobby Gone “Out of Control”

Before theBill Locklinre was Nightscaping® Bill Locklin was a Redlands, California electrical contractor who specialized in agricultural electrical services and maintenance. In his spare time he would experiment with 12-volt lighting powered by automobile batteries and headlight lamps to see what kind of effects could be created with this more efficient light source. This hobby earned him a call from a client who wanted outdoor landscape lighting for his home. Locklin learned this client was expecting some very special guests and the lighting had to be completed before their arrival.

Locklin immediately went to work devising a plan. He began designing inconspicuous outdoor fixtures from mayonnaise jars, painted coffee and fruit juice cans, automobile lamps and 12-volt batteries. He improvised and experimented. He invented low-voltage landscape lighting and coined his lighting motto, “See the effect and not the source.”

The client was so impressed by the professional lighting system Locklin had provided on such short notice he invited Locklin to meet his special guests, President Eisenhower and his wife, First Lady Maime Eisenhower. This chance meeting resulted in another lighting job for Locklin. The president himself wanted a lighting installation at his vacation retreat for an upcoming event.

The installation for Eisenhower was such a success that the politicians, foreign dignitaries and social elites who attended the event wanted this kind of lighting for their homes. Thus Nightscaping®, Locklin’s landscape lighting manufacturing company, was born.

The success of his hobby that as he says, “got out of hand,” motivated Locklin to further his industry and craft. He continued doing lighting installations for everyone from the Sultan of Brunei, the CEO of Honda Motors, and all of the Mrs. Joneses living on your street U.S.A. As others in his industry began to more fully understand the lighting ideas, moreover the business he pioneered, competition began to infiltrate his market. Locklin was inspired. His creation that had sprung forth from the bottom of a coffee can was revolutionizing the landscaping industry.

Today Nightscaping® is still located in Redlands, California and is still focused on the future with competitors still playing catch up. New Nightscaping® innovations like LED bulbs and stainless steel fixtures are paving the way into the future for low voltage outdoor lighting. For fifty years now Nightscaping® has been solely focused on providing the best, most dependable, technically superior, presidential quality outdoor lighting systems to customers across the globe.

Nightscaping’s® ability to see beyond the here and now, the emphasis that’s put on continual research, development and innovation, and the unfailing commitment Nightscaping® has toward providing the industry’s most reputable service, have kept Nightscaping’s® customers on the absolute cutting edge of the outdoor lighting business.

Customers world-wide recognize Nightscaping® as the Professional Outdoor Lighting brand they know and trust. Today, the Nightscaping® brand stands for quality, dependable professional outdoor lighting. Just as it did when we first opened our doors in 1959.



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